The simplest and easiest way to heat your tub/pool on the market

Very affordable to use

No smells or smoke to yourself or to the neighborhood - almost odour-free

Extremely powerful (20kW)

Thermostat controlled, maintains exactly the desired temperature

Quick and easy to install

Fits easily into an old wooden cabinet

Rexener’s biggest advantages over heaters using wood are:


Rexener is easy to use

No more hacking and no hopes of igniting trees. In Rexener, press the button and the heater will handle the rest. Rexener can be used by anyone!


Water can be heated even before the pool is full of water

Rexener is powerful and efficient

The heating time of the water is considerably shorter than when heating with wood.

No smoke

You can also use Rexener in a small area because there is no smoke from the heater in the neighborhood.

Temperature Level

Rexener keeps the water temperature level. No more chilled or too hot heat. Now set the desired temperature yourself!xt.

Several Options

With Rexener you can keep water warm from one week to another. Your burning or swimming pool will be used much more! Rexener is also available with our installation service. We’re going to recycle the old wood mine just as you like.ext.

Comprehensive security systems

Electronically controlled safety features of the Rexener water heater ensure safe use of the heater in all conditions.

Diagnostics function

The diagnostic function connected to the Rexener water heater control system checks all the functions of the heater prior to starting. Diagnostics displays malfunctions during operation of the heater.

Powerful oil burner

The powerful air blower and high pressure oil spraying ensure the reliability of the Rexener water heater oil burner in all conditions.

Flame retardant and automatic fire extinguishing system

Vague operation of the oil burner (bad combustion) activates a flame retarder that turns off the oil burner and the fuel pump.

Technical Description 


The Rexener water heater oil burner is effectively protected within the heater surface coils. The design of the oil burner, its controlling electronics and the fuel tank has taken into account the weather conditions of the North. The oil burner blower feeds air into the combustion chamber where the fuel is sprayed. It is ignited by a lighter controlled by the electronics of the device.


The thermal energy of the oil is utilized to heat the water contained in the piping inside the heater. Powerful and accurate fueling can fully utilize the energy of fuel oil, which means that the Rexener water heater does not produce particulate emissions or carbon monoxide. The exhaust pipe is basically just harmless carbon dioxide.


Since all the energy contained in the oil can be utilized as a heating effect, the efficiency of the Rexener water heater is high, which means low fuel consumption. The exhaust pipe (chimney) supplied with the heater ensures a very low sound level and safety. The hot oil burner flame is effectively shielded inside the device and the low temperature of the discharged exhaust gases does not cause fire risk. The barrel on the end of the exhaust pipe protects the burner from airborne contaminants and moisture damaging factors.


Water amount: 1500L Heating time (12-> 38C) approx. 2 hours, of which about 1 hour of water filling + Heating cost approx. 4 €. Overheating prevention systems: Overheating prevention systems. Exact temperature control: Set the desired water temperature between 0 and 45 degrees (C) in the Rexener water heater. The heater keeps the set temperature automaticall. Water level monitoring system: If the heater does not have enough water, it will not start. If the level of the water surface is too high, the heater burner goes out.

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