The Rexener PR200 warms the hot tub smoothly and quickly


The Rexener PR200 heater, that was bought as a Christmas surprise for Anelma Saarinen and her husband’s home, delighted the bath tub users from the very start. The heater was actually purchased for the children and grandchildren so they could comfortably use the tub during their visits.
Rexener PR200 as a replacement for a wood-burning stove

Janne Lehikoinen’s family had been accustomed to heating up their tub with firewood. As such, there was no problem at all, but the biodiesel fueled Rexener PR200 heater, which was purchased three months ago, and used frequently, made the process of heating up the water and keeping up the temperature much easier.

Replacement of a self-made heater, which renters and trailers, introduced the biodiesel, diesel and fuel oil Rexener PR200 incoming warmer at the turn of the year 2017-2018. The first version was updated along with the control panel along the way, and now there is also a fault relay.

Anxious to experiment with new equipment

There is a farm in Lopen Topeno, where farms are maintained by Sari and Hannu Saukkola. The countries of the Saukkola farm are crossed by the only rally car racing test in southern Finland. Accompanying services have gradually emerged as part of the actual test examinations. Dining and sauna facilities have been included in the offer since the beginning, but there is a cafe-restaurant in the woods, a conference room for 100 people, a sauna and a smoke sauna, not forgetting Hulju, where you can bathe the summer winters.

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