The Rexener circulation pump fits perfectly with the Rexener PR200 for use with the heater.

The Rexener circulation pump is manufactured in Europe from the highest quality parts of the market.



Rexener PR200 fuel tank. A similar tank becomes standard when purchasing a heater. An additional tank is a great help when keeping the heater in use for a long time. The original tank is connected to the heater, as long as another tank can be used to get more fuel from the service station.

This fuel tank meets the ISO13591 standard!



The installation service includes the complete installation of the Rexener heater on a turnkey basis. When ordering the installation service we are in touch to fix the installation date. Our installer will arrive at the agreed time and will connect the heater to your existing bathtub or swimming pool.

The price of the installation service includes all the accessories you need to make Rexener heating up to date, excluding possible changes to the structures.

If you like, we will even charge you up to your old wooden box for recycling.

The installation service is available throughout Finland. Travel costs will not be added to the price.


INSTALLATION KIT      99€        (VAT 24% INCL.)

With the Rexener kit, you can ensure that a successful heater is installed without any important part being interfered with. The kit includes the following items:

– 1rll tube tassel
– 4pcs hose nipples
– 1-5m hose
NOTE! You do not have to purchase the installation kit separately if you order an installation service from us.


SAND FILTER      200€        (VAT 24% INCL.)

The Rexener sand filter is suitable for use with Rexener PR200 heater and Rexener circulation pump. With a sand filter you can keep the water crystal clear for a long time.

When fitted with a sand filter you do not need to change water after every bath!

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