Can I install the Rexener 200 heater to my old tub/pool?

Yes you can! The Rexener 200 is suitable for all types of tubs/pools. Installation is easier for tubs with external heaters, but the Rexener 200 can also be installed for all types of systems.


Can Rexener 200 be used to heat a swimming pool?

Yes! The Rexener 200 heats up to 30,000 liters of water.


Can I use biofuel with Rexener?

Yes you can! Rexener works fine with, for example, Neste MY biodiesel.


Can you find service and spare parts for the Rexener?

Yes! Our service car network covers all of Finland. In addition to our professional installer, the car constantly runs a full range of spare parts. All Rexener spare parts can be found in our warehouse located in Finland.


Does the Rexener Heater Need a Circulating Pump?

Yes. The Rexener heater is so powerful that the heater does not work optimally with the free rotation. If your pool/tub already has a circulating pump or a sand filter system, you can also use them with Rexener. If you do not have a circulating pump or sand filter yet, you can order them conveniently from our online store.

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