The easiest and most effortless tool in the market to heat up the hot tub and swimming pool.

Multiple Usage Options

The Rexener water heater can be installed as a heating system for a new or existing hot tub or swimmingpool. The Rexener can replace the traditional wood-heated hot tub heater. The Rexener can also be installed with a circulating pump and can be used for systems equipped with filter systems.

Multiple Fuel options

You can choose between biodiesel, diesel or fuel oil, for example from natural resources. The heater needs only very little electrical current.

No harmful emissions

The nearly 100% efficiency of the Rexener heater means that the use of the heater does not cause harmful particulate or exhaust emissions. In practice, the exhaust pipe will only be carbon dioxide.

Easy to use, safe and fast

The Rexener heater uses several of its fault-free monitoring circuits. The highly efficient and quiet oil burner ensures the safety of the heater and its digital operator panel is easy to use,


Satisfaction Guaranteed

The simplest and easiest heating system on the market

Very affordable to use

No discomfort caused by smoke for you or the neighbourhood - almost odour-free

Extremely efficient (20kW)

Thermostat controlled, maintains exactly the desired temperature

Quick and easy to install

Heating your hot tub and swimming pool has never been easier


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